Carson Campbell - (M,18-23) Spoiled rich teen without direction and manners.

Ashley – (F, 18–23) Kind hearted studious type with a passion for homeless people.

Mel Trotter – (M, 50-75) Gentle man with a stern features and kind heart.

Pastor Leonard – (M, 35-50) The spiritual rock at the shelter with years of experience.

Jeff – (M, 25-40) He’s that face paced kitchen manager on a mission.

Tiny – (M, 30-50) Don’t let the name fool you. Need a big guy, muscular and tattooed. 




Emma – (F,18-23) A rich popular teen with a unknown compassionate heart.

Jacob – (M, 18-23) Another entitled teen that mocks homeless people. Real jerk.

Jada – (F, 20-30) Just nice.  The receptionist type that knows everyone by name.

Gayle – (F, 55-70) Harsh older lady with a generous spirit. Quick wit.

Madison Campbell – (F,15-20) Younger sister to Carson with a childlike benevolence.

Liz (F, 40-50) A hardworking homeless lady that is outspoken to God’s goodness.

Dennis (M, 40-50) The boos at the mission.  Serious but warm. Serious business type.

Jason Campbell (M, 45-55) Fueled with success, money and organization.  

Lilly Campbell (F,40-50) She has never seen a happy hour she didn’t like.  Carson’s mom.



Ms. B – Older African American lady that works at the mission.

District Attorney William Trey – Serious attorney type.

Andrew Trey – A gamer teen.

Skippy – A wimpy attorney. 

Judge Thomas – A firm older judge.

Tony – A shelter staff worker.

Dr. Davis – An older preacher from the 1800’s.

Chad – A shelter staff worker.

Ben Crawford – A shelter staff worker.

Kathy – A shelter guest.

Roger & Chuck – A shelter guest.

Emory – A shelter guest.

Samantha – A shelter guest.

Leon – A shelter guest.

Ernest– A shelter guest.

John Doe – An older homeless disabled man. 


Heather – A shelter guest.

Rex – A large man you don’t. want to mess with.

Thomas & Gary – Wealthy dad type.

Seth & Logan – Another wealthy dad type that spends too much time playing golf.

Construction Man #1 & 2 - Look the part.

Staff Worker #1, 2 & 3 - Average ages.  Very talkative. 

  • Casting 20+ ADULT roles! (Ages 35 - 55)

  • Casting 20+ TEENAGE roles! (Ages 14 - 20)

  • A NEW Dean Cain film is being casted!  

  • The movie will be filmed in Grand Rapids!

  • Production starts June 25, 2020.  

  • All casting will be done online. 

  • Casting deadline June 10, 2020




1.  If you have an Acting Resume or Reel that would be nice, but not necessary.  

2.  Please, please at least submit a picture with your casting submission. 

1.  You must be over the age of 14 to audition for this film.  This particular film does not have any casting opportunities for children 14 and under.

2.  We have over 20+ teenage roles and 20+ adult roles available in the film, and we are casting primarily local.  

3.  Each submission will be reviewed by the Director.  

5.  If you have already submitted, I would strongly suggest submitting again.

6.  Be sure to tell us in your casting submission your hobbies; such as sports, music, cheerleading, dance, etc...  Please tell us about yourself!  

7.  We hope to have the film casted by June 12th.  Production starts June 25th!  

8.  If you would like to help with production and/or can add to this production, let us know!