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 If you are serious about GETTING INVOLVED and with new films coming to Charlotte this year, you do not want to miss this day! 


JCFILMS STUDIOS has produced over 60 faith and family friendly movies.  Their goal is simple; create family friendly films while offering opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making. 


During the winter of 2023, JCFilm Studios produced the film BREAK THE CYCLE in the Charlotte area.  BREAK THE CYCLE had over 300 local filmmakers and actors  that participated in the film and now some of these faith-film enthusiasts have created the JCFilms Charlotte Production Club.

Will you join us in making more faith and family films in Charlotte? 


 If you or your family have every considered being in faith films .... here is their chance to GET INVOLVED

Coming Soon

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GOD & BEER is a new feature Christian film being produced in Charlotte, NC with production set to start in early November of 2023. This film tells the story of an Irish Brew Master that comes America to reconnect with is daughter. Stumbling upon a poorly operated micro-brewery he quickly turns the restaurant around while sharing his vast of knowledge of beer. Though the film shows a realistic look into the controversial issue of alcohol and religion it does so respectfully.


It's a movie that depicts restaurant work; to the hectic clatter in the kitchen on a busy weekend night to the impromptu relationships that are created. GOD & BEER is a playful rom-com faith film that explores multiple unique characters. The film will star Eddie McClintock and Jana Lee Hamblin.

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