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Based on a true story about a busy, married, forty-five-year-old, mother of two teenagers that get's pregnant.  This wasn’t her plan, but was it God’s?


Written By

Beth Caulfield


Directed By

Beth Caulfield and Jana Lee Hamblin



Jana Lee Hamblin, Daniel Roebuck, Dean Cain, Natalia Dominguez, Eddie McClintock and Karen Abercrombie



Brielle is a forty-five-year-old, traditional Christian who is married and mother of two teenagers. She’s a star in seminary and leads innovative ministry at a casino. She believes she knows God’s plan for her life and feels she’s finally got freedom to pursue it because her kids are almost grown. But when she finds out she’s pregnant, she questions if either she somehow messed up God’s plan or the plan isn’t as good as she thought. In her eyes, she’s lost her freedom.


As the story unfolds, Brielle faces many considerations and challenges. Her family members, friends, colleagues and spiritual guides all have different takes on the situation and advice. Some have joy for Brielle’s pregnancy and some pragmatically see it as a detriment or even as an opportunity to thwart Brielle’s ministry. Specifically, the dean of the seminary uses the pregnancy as an excuse to take away Brielle’s casino ministry and change its direction. Her pastor, of all people, suggests she consider abortion.


When her husband, Joe, learns she is considering abortion, he goes ballistic. He even hides from her that he has lost his job so she will keep the baby. When she finds out though, she says pack your bags, the marriage is over. It takes a pilgrimage to France for Brielle to finally embrace that God does have a great plan for her and her ministry, if she’ll just walk in faith.


Production starts September 2023 - Bridgeport, WV


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