Jonathan Moore was nine years old when a terrible tragedy left him an orphan. With no family able to take him in, he quickly becomes a ward of the state. At seventeen, Jonathan is released to another foster home for the summer where he meets a mysterious girl in the woods nearby who teaches him about faith and forgiveness. As the summer goes on he begins to fall in love, only to learn that she's had a tragedy of her own...and harbors an unbelievable secret.



  • Production starts July 19, 2021 in Kittanning, PA and Bridgeport, WV

  • This is a faith-based film staring actor Dean Cain.

  • To audition please send resume, headshot and acting reel to


Jon: (17) Average height or slightly shorter with smaller build. Shoulder length hair, unkempt. Wears a tattered black hoodie and jeans most scenes. Range of attitudes from angry and troubled early on to curious and inquisitive at mid point then redeemed and cheerful. Jon breaks down and cries at several points.

Isaka: (17) Average height, lean and athletic. long straight black hair. Wears Native American fringe skirt and top with moccasins in debut scene and in flashback scene. All other scenes she has a yellow t-shirt, snug jeans and hightop shoes consistent with 1985. She has a headband with several feathers hanging down and a bear tooth necklace. Mood range from solemn and controlled to free spirited.

Jolene: (17) Average height with nice build. Lighter hair preferably. Nice smile. proper makeup. Cheerleader or girl next door type. Wears a variety of clothes from church attire to jeans to sweat pants and t-shirt. Jolene is borderline uxuberant and feisty at times. She's relentless but has a good heart and loves the Lord.

Dave: (40's/50's) larger build, tall, farmer. Scruffy with a gruff voice, somewhat uneducated but a big heart. Dave usually wears overhauls and plaid shirt except for church scenes. Not easily angered but speaks his mind.

Bunnie: (40's) Old fashioned housewife, average height/build. Hair in a classic bun. Wears flowery dresses. Kind and soft spoken but also speaks her mind when the caseworker demeans Jon.

Stacy: (40's + -) Jon's caseworker. Short and robust. Stringy hair and excessive makeup. Bulging, swiveling eyes would be a plus. Outdated dress clothing. Stacy is condescending and cold with little emotion.

Pastor Mark: (40's + -) Dean Cain. Wears suit and tie for Sunday service scene. More relaxed for youth meeting scene and one on one with Jon. Soft spoken and caring. Concerned for Jon's well-being.

Randy: (17) Youth member. Taller, well built boy. Wrestler or football player. 1980's dress. Polite and kind. Loves the Lord.

Greg: (17) Youth member. Average height and weight. 1980's dress. Polite and kind. Loves the Lord.

Ally: (17) Youth member. Average height and build. 1980's dress. Loves the Lord.

John Weaver: (30's-40's) Camp dean. Friendly, humorous. Any clothing fashion.

Joy: (20's-30's) Camp counselor. Any height or build.

Sara: (16) Foster sister of Jon. Ouija board scene. Wild, promiscuous, sultry. Goth or punk style makeup, black finger nails. 1981 hair style.


13 year old Jon: (13) Troubled and depressed. 1981 clothing.