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Don’t let this cute family friendly faith-based film about a doll manufacturing company fool you; it’s packed with intrigue, scheming and a very, very crucial message: “Technology is taking over parenting!”


Let’s face it: children today are born into a world where technology is deeply integrated into the fabric of daily life.  In a recent poll, 85 percent of parents reported that they allow their young children to use technology on a daily basis for up to two hours.  Wow!


GALAXY GIRL DOLLS is new fun kids film featuring actor Dean Cain created to poke fun at the advancements of technology and satirically challenges current parenting logic.

The film centers around a precocious 8-year-old girl and her tenderhearted mom.  We add in the horrific neighbor who’s married to the communities busy-body trophy wife.  Then, we have naive Rudy and his failing mom’s doll making business. What could go wrong?

Production on GALAXY GIRL DOLLS starts in April 2022 in Tampa, FL in association with the JCFilms Studio – Tampa Production Club. 


Galaxy Girl Dolls features actor Dean Cain & is scheduled for production in April 2022. To get involved contact