The goal of the JACKSONVILLE Production Club is simple: Produce faith and family films while collaborating with other creative believers in using our experiences and skills to change the culture for Christ.


From script writing to post-production; together we can create high quality, compelling faith and family friendly movies. 

To join please contact Keith Jowers at


Let’s face it: childhood — and parenting — have radically changed in the past few decades, to the point where far more children today struggle to manage their behavior. SUCCESS CAMP is a multi-plot film that follows the lives of several young teens and their radical transformation after attending SUCCESS CAMP.  Release on this new Dean Cain film is scheduled for December 2022.



BLIND DRIVE AHEAD is a partnership film with a Florida based non-profit L.E.A.D.D  (Law Enforcement Against Distractive Driving) and is scheduled to start production in the Summer of 2022 in Jacksonville, FL.