The first round of auditions for the upcoming production of If I Never Come Back will be virtual.


Please find attached the character breakdowns.


Lance Patterson – Late teens & in early 20’s

Carl Patterson - Male Early 40's Lance's Dad

Ellie Patterson - Female Early 40's Lance's Mom

Grace Patterson – Female 12 & 16 goth Lance's Sister

Emma Willis – Female Early 20's Hostess/Owner of Café


Madi Gless - female early 20’s Lance's Long Distance GF

Eddie White – Male late 50's Lance's Editor

Tina Daly - female early 20's Madi's GF/coworker

Louise Grant - female early 20's Madi's GF/coworker

News Man #1 Lance's Co-Worker

Faith Postma - Female 17 Grace's Classmate

Mister Ruger - Male Late 50's Grace's School Principal


Lady #1 looks like Ellie

Bar Waitress

Nice Restaurant hostess

Café Hostess

Mrs Houp - School Secretary

Jet - Male 16-17 one of Grace's BF's


Lance at 8 year old boy

AMBER - Older Woman 60's

Jamie Burns Female Late 20's early 30's

Church Lady

Hispanic older couple


Café Patrons (different ones, multiple scenes)

Lance's Co-Workers

Madi's Co-Workers

Grace's Classmates

Someone praying with Ernesto

Grace's Mystery Date

Other nice restaurant employees

Other nice restaurant Patrons

Other Ladies at the Bar

Other Bar Patrons

Hispanic band members

People watching the rehearsal at church

Children and parents extras in flashback#1

Children and parents extras in flashback#4

Hispanic girl

Hispanic boy

Hispanic mom



First round of auditions will be virtual. Ruth will be emailing the sides out for the following characters...

Scene - 8 - Carl / Ellie / Grace / Lance

Scene - 20 Lance / Grace

Scene 21 Eddie / Lance

Scene 22 Madi / Tina & Louise

Scene 26 Newsman #1

Scene 27 Carl / Lance

Scene 29 Grace / Faith / Principal Ruger

Scene 38 Emma / Lance


After you prepare the sides, send in your self taped audition(s) to by 8pm on June 12th, 2022. Shooting dates are now tentatively late July, early August.

Slate your name and the character you will be reading for before you start your scene. You can have someone read off screen with you or not as you prefer.

If the file is too big to attach in an email, you can send it via WeTransfer or via a YouTube link or google link.

Please put the character name you are auditioning for in the subject line of your email.

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