Jack Jonah- www.JacksFilm.com

Jack Jonah is a true story about a family’s endurance and struggle after unspeakable tragedy. Actor Dean Cain leads the cast in this multi-plot drama uncovering the deadly drug culture in western Massachusetts.


John Light - www.JohnLightMovie.com

John Light was one of the most dangerous prisoners in Arizona’s State Penitentiary.  He was a legendary local barroom brawler who surprisingly finds God in a prison Bible study. Now reformed, John must face life on the outside as a new man in Christ. His only allies are the Good Lord and a meek and mild mentor who has never thrown a punch in his life.

Dispatched - www.PoliceDrama.com
In DISPATCHED, you will learn how God changed the heart of a street (and war) hardened cop into an ambassador of God's love, and how through God, an entire community was changed.

A Promise To Astrid - www.AstridFilm.com

 A  'Promise to Astrid' is a heartwarming new faith inspired film based on a true story about a remarkable woman that used random acts of kindness to change the lives of an entire community.  Based on the award winning book by Michael Tourville, titled the same, 'A Promise to Astrid' stars Dean Cain and is scheduled for release in 2019.​

The Zombie Club - www.ZombieTeen.com

A nightmarish teenage world of pep rally's and proms combined with decaying flesh, sets the scene for painfully funny interactions between the living and the dead students at Rosewood High School.

Child of a King - www.EcuadorMovie.com

'A CHILD OF A KING' is the true story of an American physician that received a unique calling from God to protect the millions of orphaned and abandoned children dying in the jungles of South America.  Kings’ step of faith is a stunning example of how God miraculously uses the willing to transform the lives of thousands of forgotten children with His hope and healing.

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Upcoming Films:

Sir George F.L. Charles - Coming Soon
Sir George F.L. Charles is a declared National hero after leading Saint Lucia thru the most critical and crucial time in the island’s history, from colonialism to independence.  A committed Christ follower and devoted husband and father, Charles went from public housing to serve as Saint Lucia’s first Prime Minister in 1951 after being elected directly by the people.

DiVINE Appointment - Coming Soom
After a tragic accident, Jordan Travis is forced to quit his band at the start of their success. Empty and broken, he finds a job in the wine vineyards of Northern California. What follows, is a series of people and events that lead him back to his first love, and ultimate destiny, which can only be found in a 'Divine Appointment'.


Spring Break: Now & Forever - Coming Soon
When Pastor Warren Jones finds out that his eighteen year-old daughter, Holly, is going on Spring Break with college friends, he gets concerned.  That concern turns to terror when Holly mysteriously disappears.  With the help from law enforcement & community, Rev. Jones goes on a mission to rescue his daughter.

Not For Sale - www.TraffickingFilm.com
NOT FOR SALE is a new feature film made exclusively by law enforcement depicting multiple true stories of underage victims of sex trafficking in America.  You see, unfortunately when we hear the words “sex trafficking,” as Americans we immediately think of women and children overseas who are being forced into the sex trade.  That’s not the full story; unbelievably Americans are trafficking other Americans and most of then are underage.