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Actor Dean Cain Attending Film Premiere to Show Support for Christian Movies.

Last year, JCFilms Studios recruited several members from Crossroads Church in Mansfield, OH to help in a new film. The film was initially titled ‘DUPLICATE DIVINITY’ but is now being named ‘JOEY ADKINS SAVES THE CHURCH’. The comedy is about two twin brothers that travel to a small Ohio church to serve as the pastor. It’s a hysterical adventure.

Ironically, the first three to sign up for the film from Crossroads was Pastor Dave Vance, the Worship Leader Ernesto Alcantara and member Kimberly Miller. All three extremely talented and had appeared in other JCFilms movies. In addition, over 100 Crossroads members volunteered to appear in the film.

This modern-day story of Jacob and Esau that depicts church culture and politics is set to premiere on Friday, March 25, 2022 at Crossroads Church in Mansfield. The film also features Ohio native and Hollywood actor Eddie McClintock.

To show his support, actor Dean Cain has agreed to be a part of the host team at the premiere event to show his support for faith films.

“Even though Dean is not in this film, I think it’s very cool that he has agreed to be there,” Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms said. Cain has appeared in over 20 other faith movies with Campbell.

Tickets for this Red-Carpet event can be purchased here.

In addition, Cain, McClintock and the rest of the cast are hosting a VIP Reception before the film. Here you can hang out pre-show with members from the cast & crew. Appetizers & beverages will be served.

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