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Aimee & Albert: Timeless Love

Ah, sad love songs. “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, now it’s gone, gone, gone, whoa-oh-oh!” Indeed, love can be lost but has love changed?

The Bible teaches us that love is patient and love is kind. But love can also be timeless and everlasting. That’s the theme for JCFilms Studio’s newest feature film AIMEE & ALBERT!

The movie is really two romances in one: It follows Lauren Anderson in the present day, as well as her grandmother mother, Aimee Anderson, in the past. After Lauren finds her grandmother’s journal, she's sent on a journey to discover her grandmother's past, but is finding herself on a powerful, unexpected road instead.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios explains, “This is downright the sweetest true love story I’ve ever heard, and our team felt it needed to be adapted into a film.”

Campbell hopes AIMEE & ALBERT will show a different kind of love story as the audience gets to see a more contemporary romance along with a more old-fashioned love story.

Production is set to begin in October 2023 in Bridgeport, WV. For those interested in being involved CLICK HERE.

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