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CONCEIVABLE, Boasts an Amazing Cast!

In September 2023, JCFilms Studios will be partnering with Reverend Beth Caulfield in the film CONCEIVABLE. Based on a true story about a busy, married, forty-five-year-old, mother of two teenagers that gets pregnant. It defiantly wasn’t her plan, but was it God’s?

This new faith-based film is being created to ignite women to live with non-negotiable convictions. Convictions of faith, beauty, family and integrity.

President of JCFilms Studios explains, “the culture war is raging against women in America today. Our young ladies are being brainwashed by mindless entertainment and a propagandizing media. This film is being produced to help challenge women of all ages, of all faiths and backgrounds to a set of unwavering convictions in their lives!”

And they built an amazing ensemble cast to help deliver the message.

Dean Cain - Known for his role as Clark Kent / Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Karen Abercrombie – Known for War Room as the 80year old prayer warrior.

Eddie McClintock – Known for his role as Pete Lattimer in the TV series Warehouse 13 and appearances on Friends, & Desperate Housewives.

Jana Lee Hamblin – Known for her role in the West Wing, Jane the Virgin, Ballers & Znation.

Daniel Roebuck – Known for his role Cliff Lewis on Matlock, the film The Fugitive and Grandpa Munster in The Munster’s.

Natalia Dominguez - Known for her role in Freshman Year that earned the top Christian movie on Netflix in 2022.

CONCEIVABLE will be produced in Bridgeport, WV in connection with the JCFilms Studios Bridgeport Production Club. Those interested in being involved should visit:

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