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JCFilm’s Foster Care Film CHOSEN Hits Home for Mike Lombardi

In February 2022, JCFilms Studios will release its much-anticipated foster care and adoption movie, CHOSEN! This new faith and family film stars two Christian film icons, Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo. The film not only brings attention to the beauty of adoption and foster parenting but shows just how communities and people of faith can come together to help.

One such way people can help is echoed throughout the film. When the main character, Emma is transferred to and from foster homes and uses a single garbage bag to hold all of her clothes and personal belongings.

“This is very common for many of these children when they are removed from their homes, with just some of their belongings stuffed into a trash bag. Most times they arrive at a stranger's house feeling scared, confused and alone,” Stacey Stratton, Executive Director of Ohio Helping Hands explained.

This scene along with others from the film reminded Mike Lombardi when he was nine years old and two Columbus police officers removed him from his mother’s care. He recalls he found an old small green suitcase and threw in a few changes of clothes. It was then that his foster care journey began.

After a few failed attempts to stay with extended family and a long stay at a childcare facility, Mike traveled Ohio with his green suitcase. At age thirteen Mike found a home, but more importantly he found a loving community existing of several friends’ parents and school coaches that truly raised him.

After his foster family cashed the last monthly support check, Mike was forced to leave on his eighteenth birthday. His foster care journey was over.

Today, Mike Lombardi and his wife Cori have been married for twenty-six years with two amazing children. Mike owns one of Southern California’s most successful construction companies.

As it is reiterated in the film, Mike understands the important role a community has in foster care. Mike reflected, “As I look back on it now, God always had my back. He guided my path, and He gave me strength when I needed it most.”

As JCFilms Studios launched the film CHOSEN; and CHOSEN then launched; Mike Lombardi is helping to launch the organization’s initial foster care outreach program.

Ohio Helping Hands Foster Family Fun Packs are ‘green’ luggage bags that foster kids can use to transport their personal belongings. They also contain undergarments and hygiene items. In addition, these personalized bags will help foster children as they transition into their new foster homes by providing games, puzzle and other creative tools to break the ice, create a bond, and have some fun!

As Mike Lombardi said, “Foster kids just need a break. All children deserve to feel safe, loved and accepted. This project puts a smile on kids’ faces, gives them hope and lets them know that people care.
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