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JCFilms Studios Announces our Biggest Film of the Year: THE DOCTOR

In 2021, JCFilms Studios released the movie BREAK EVERY CHAIN.  It quickly became a huge success winning over thirty film awards and receiving countless praise from film critics.


In fact, of the eighty movies JCFilms Studios has produced, BREAK EVERY CHAIN remains the studios most popular and most watched feature film.


Now, the team behind BREAK EVERY CHAIN is collaborating again to produce yet another incredible faith film. 

THE DOCTOR answers one of the world’s most popular and haunting questions, “Is there an afterlife?”

“It’s no secret that director and writer Tim Searfoss is an extraordinary filmmaker.  His unique visuals and witty storylines connect to audiences.  We’re excited that he has brought this project to JCFilms Studios,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.


THE DOCTOR tells the story of an atheist doctor with a god complex and thinks he has life figured out.  He believes there is nothing more to this world than what you can see and touch.  But like all happy endings, everything changes when the doctor meets His maker.


THE DOCTOR will be produced in June 2024 in Bridgeport, WV.  Those interested in getting involved should visit:



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