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JCFilms Studios Elevates Partnership with BMG-Global for Expansive Film Venture.

JCFilms Studios, renowned for its inspiring family and faith-based content, proudly announces an extended collaboration with BMG-Global, a trusted leader in worldwide distribution. The expanded association between the two companies comes after a four-year alliance wherein JCFilms Studios has found an invaluable partner in BMG-Global’s expertise in distributing family-friendly, faith-based content.

“BMG’s wide reach and unwavering passion for aiding faith filmmakers in creation and successful distribution make them an irreplaceable part of the filmmaking journey. As most independent filmmakers know, a great distribution partner is the heartbeat of the filmmaking process, and BMG-Global is a leader in the industry. ”— Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios

In a recent development, JCFilms Studios revealed plans to add twelve new faith and family films to its bustling production schedule slated to shoot with Actor Dean Cain in Las Vegas in 2024. Explaining the unconventional choice of Vegas, Campbell highlights the vibrant, faith-driven, independent film community that exists in Vegas, ready to share its stories.

The collaboration blossomed when Campbell sought marketing advice from BMG-Global for the recently developed projects. "When you aspire to advance God's kingdom, remarkable partnerships unfold," Campbell remarks. The Executive Team at BMG-Global expressed genuine interest, leading to an extraordinary partnership.

“All of us at BMG-Global are excited to broaden our partnership with JCFilms Studios. Jason and his team have been positively impacting culture with inspiring stories of faith and hope for many years, which is in perfect alignment with the mission of BMG-Global.”— David Austin, Chief Commerce & Content Officer, BMG-Global

The first of the twelve films is scheduled to begin production in January 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with BMG-Global serving as executive producers. JCFilms Studios expresses gratitude for this new enhanced collaboration, marking a significant step towards advancing the shared mission of spreading uplifting narratives globally.

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