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Join Our Crew!

There is a problem that all Christian filmmakers face at the start of their careers. How can you find work in this industry?

Up till now, JCFilms Studios has focused on providing mostly new actors with opportunities to be involved in their faith and family films. Now, the film ministry is reaching out to those interested in being behind the camera.

“Providing opportunity for people of faith to get involved in all aspects of filmmaking is our number one priority. With over 70 films in our library, we have built an impressive cast roster, now, we want to focus on the crew side of production,” explains Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

Campbell explains that this new program is being designed to help their JCFilms Production Clubs create more faith and family content. The studio already operates over two-dozen community Production Clubs scattered around the country.

"Let’s face it; a person is interested in filmmaking; they might get lucky and find entry-level work driving actors to set and sweeping set floors. We want to help them skip all that and put them directly to work with a crew on a live feature film."

Campbell wants to stress that these are all paying jobs and will require several days of training before a person is eligible to work on a movie set.

And it’s not that JCFilms Studios does not have the work. In 2023, the film ministry is estimated to produce 27 films. In 2024, they have set a goal to produce 30 faith and family films to fuel their new streaming service JC+.

So, if you are interested in an entry level position with camera, lighting, or sound on a feature film, please reach out to Jason Campbell at

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