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Miracle at Manchester: The amazing story of Brycen Newman.

In June 2015, high school sophomore Brycen Newman was diagnosed with medulloblastoma – a very aggressive and fast-growing brain cancer. One month after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a large tumor, doctors discovered three more tumors growing in the teen’s brain.

With only a 5% chance to survive, God and the folks at Cathedral Catholic in San Diego, California had other ideas.

“This is truly a miracle story, and we are excited to start production on this film in San Diego early next year,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms.

The film is going to be titled Miracle at Manchester because it was at the Manchester Athletic Field where Brycen found his miracle when 1,800 students prayed over him.

In addition to the miraculous healing, another paralleled story will be echoed in the film.

Like many teens getting closer to driving age, Brycen had begun dreaming about his perfect car. Unfortunately, his battle with cancer made him unable to walk, let alone take his driving license test anytime soon.

While he bravely fought the traumatic disease, Brycen was given an old rusty and rundown 1966 Ford Mustang. It might sound strange, but as local mechanic and body shop owner Ed Hanson explains, in his industry, they refer to the rust as "cancer" on a car.

So, over the next 10 months, Hanson worked on fixing up the busted Mustang while at the same time Brycen worked on fixing up his health.

Starring actor Dean Cain, Miracle at Manchester is that true story of a kid with cancer and a car with cancer overcoming what seemed impossible.


In 2013, Jason Campbell wrote and produced his first faith-based film entitled Finding Faith. The film starred Erik Estrada and depicted a true story about a young girl being abducted by an internet predator. The film was a success and a unique faith-based film ministry was created, JCFilms. Today, JCFilms has produced a total of forty faith and family friendly films.

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