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New Club Alert! Grand Rapids

JCFILMS STUDIOS loves Grand Rapids! We’ve produced several films in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In fact, actor Dean Cain, who has appeared in over 30 of our films was born in Michigan!

So, the idea of establishing a JCFILMS STUDIO Grand Rapids, MI Production Club was always something on our ministries bucket list. Well, today is that day!

As you may know, JCFILMS STUDIOS operates about twenty of these satellite Production Clubs around the world. Each club not only produces faith and family entertainment, but they collaborate with other creative people of faith in their communities.

The purpose of the Grand Rapids, MI Production Club is to cultivate a community of likeminded filmmakers, creators, and talent who come together to produce family-friendly feature films with positive and impactful messages that cut across into mainstream audiences.

This new Production Club will be under the direction of Kim Johnson. Kim started her media career as a production assistant as an intern with the local fox affiliate WXMI under the children’s and public affairs director, Lori Cook ( aka Maranda).

While in college, Kim interned with the local NBC afiliate in community affairs and graduated from Aquinas College with a triple majoring in Communications, Business and Studio Art.

Kim has just completed my 34th year of volunteer and contract work with WKTV Community Television, where she produces many Public Service Announcements and Presentations, along with Short Films and Documentary films.  Kim recently graduated from National University with a Masters degree in Creative Writing and Film studies.

It is now her dream and passion to create films that are inspiring and lift up Jesus Christ! For those interested in learning more about the JCFILMS STUDIO Grand Rapids, MI Production Club, CLICK HERE. 

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