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New Ministry Brand Placement at JCFilms. Highlights MotorGospel Ministries.

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

If you’re a big fan of the movies being produced by JCFilms Studios, be on the lookout this year to hear more about MotorGospel Ministries echoed in their faith films this upcoming year.

MotorGospel Ministries, is a faith-fueled car racing group that is changing lives in providing anti-street-racing campaigns. And when you consider that on average 25 people per day are killed on our highways from speeding the message hits home.

In 2021, Aaron Schwartzbart, founder and president of MotorGospel Ministries approached Jason Campbell, president of JCFilms Studios with an idea for a fun way to have his ministry highlighted in their films. Campbell loved the idea. Now, MotorGospel Ministries will be highlighted in at least one scene in each of their new faith and family films being released this year.

The integration of showing products and brands in feature films is nothing new, however the integration of highlight in a scene to briefly explain the work of a Christian ministry is exciting. Both Campbell and Schwartzbart hope to see more partnerships with Christian ministries and filmmakers grow.

Campbell explains, “We’re a faith driven production company and if someone watches our films and briefly learns about another faith driven ministry with a desire to reach people with the Gospel, it’s a no brainer for us.”

Campbell believes supporting a Christian ministry by mentioning them in a Christian film not only is good thing but can provide a subtle sense of realism to the scene. So far, MotorGospel is highlighted in three films with a plan to continue in the dozen or so JCFilms will produce this year.

Schwartzbart was ordained as a minister that gave up a six-figure salary as a rocket scientist to devote himself full-time to his MotorGospel Ministries.

In Schwartzbart's own words, "Jason Campbell is a gift to this community. The opportunity he offers to grass-roots microbudget charities to gain access to stars such as Sorbo and Cain is virtually unparalleled anywhere in the film world. If MotorGospel Ministries anti-street-racing campaign has saved any lives, we have Jason Campbell to thank for it."

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