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Orlando Production Club Making a Difference.

JCFilms Orlando Production has been extremely busy on bringing attention to human trafficking. In fact, last month they wrapped on their second feature film project starring actor Dean Cain on the subject of human trafficking.

NOT FOR SALE is part of a multi-plot series that tells true stories from the survivors of human trafficking, and the film GHOST TRADER is more of an international thriller. Both films are set to be released in early summer 2022.

Most recently, club members have been busy off camera by using their acting skills to go undercover. In a training exercise, club actors were part of a demonstration designed to educate the public on the subdued strategies traffickers use to lure their victims.

This event was organized by The Lifeboat Project, an Orlando based non-profit created to educate and protect against human trafficking. The Lifeboat Project was a producer on both the club’s feature films. The object of the exercise was to show just how resourceful traffickers can be in getting information by allowing the audience to participate in the scenes as potential victims.

Ashleigh Ann Wood, an acting coach for JCFilms Orlando Production Club, said, “Orlando is number three in the country for sex trafficking, and as horrible as the statistics, it’s beautiful to see so many people coming together to use their voice to be able to raise awareness.”

Wood insists that her club of over 100 local volunteer actors is going to stay active in making film and providing educational tools until we change the culture on human trafficking in Florida.

To learn more about the JCFilms Orlando Production Club click here.

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