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Production of a new adoption film comes to Akron, OH this Summer.

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

JCFilms is a faith and family friendly movie studio that offers both education and opportunity for young people to get involved in Christian films. This summer, JCFilms along with actor Dean Cain will be in Akron, OH to produce a film on foster parenting and adoption. The film is called “Chosen” and, they’re looking for local talent to help out.

“We know successful foster care and adoption programs begin in the community; therefore, we’re reaching out to this community to help us in making this important film,” Jason Campbell, President JCFilms.

JCFilms started in 2013 with actor Erik Estrada appearing in several of their faith-based films. To date, JCFilms has produced over 30 faith films with all them carrying important messages. Ironically, this film will hit a bit close to home in its significance because actor Dean Cain was actually adopted.

JCFilms will be partnering with Heather Habura of Crown Studios in Akron to help in the production. Heather pictured here with Dean on the set of "THE PATRIOTS' DAY" another faith inspired film. Heather will be appearing in several faith films with Dean.

In addition to the film, JCFilms will be offering production and acting workshops starting in February and leading up to the production. Campbell refers to these classes as "pre-production training."

To learn more about the workshops, the film and how you can get involved, please visit:

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