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THE STORY OF MOTHER’S DAY – Now a Feature Film.

In 1908, Grafton, West Virginia resident Anna Jarvis organized the first Mother Day celebration. Now, that story is part of a new feature film starring Dean Cain and starts production in Grafton, WV in early April.

THE STORY OF MOTHER’S DAY is a new faith film that celebrates the history of Mother’s Day. Production of the film started last month in Kentucky and now focuses its attention here in West Virginia.

“You can’t tell the story of Mother’s Day without telling the story of Anna Jarvis," Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explained.

Producers not only wanted to show how this Holiday has been woven into American tradition, but reminded us all on how it all began.

The story of the film follows several theater students from Rosewood High School. After COVID, they return back to school with only a few weeks to produce their end of the year performance. Struggling to find the right script, music, & choreography, the students find inspiration when they discover the origin and the true meaning behind Mother’s Day.

Along the way, students gain a newfound appreciation of the women who are raising them, whether they are their birth mother, an aunt or even a foster mother.

The film is set to be released on Mother’s Day 2021. To learn more:

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