• Have family movie night! 
  • Here’s your chance to grow your churches movie library with great new Christian films!
  • Offer includes ONLY DVD.     
  • Host more community movie nights without paying huge licensing fees.
  • Most films either feature actor Dean Cain or Erik Estrada. 
  • Multi-themed films from school prayer, addiction to kindness.
  • Majority of films in this special offer have been awarded 5 Doves from the Dove Foundation. 
  • All films are family approved and rated ‘G’ for General Audiences.
  • Each film comes with licensing to allow your church to play whenever/forever.
  • Get all of these faith and family inspired films for only $99.
  • Oh, Free shipping.



Church Film Library

  • All movies in this special offer are 90 minutes long feature faith-based films.  They include:

    • Finding Faith
    • Uncommon
    • Virtuous
    • One Church
    • Nail 32
    • The Cabin
    • The Perfect Day
    • The Follower
    • A Promise to Astrid
    • Megan's Christmas Miracle
    • John Light
    • A Child of the King
    • The Zombie Club
    • Jack Jonah