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For the last 30 years, Richland Academy has been giving individuals of all ages the opportunity to explore the arts through visual art, music, theatre, martial arts, or dance. Now, they’re teaming up with JCFilms to make a feature film in celebration of their many accomplishments.


This multi-plot film is simply being titled ‘RICHLAND’ and is packed with friendship, romance, music and oh-so-much dancing!  


“It’s the perfect balance between the edge-of-your-seat action, like rooting for the good guy in the inevitable dance-off, to following the dreams of a former student who returns home and finds lots of fulfillment teaching dance to little ones,” Campbell said. 


Because this celebration arts movie has a little of everything, the producers will be reaching out to local talent to get involved. RICHLAND is slated for production in in Mansfield, OH in early March of 2022.  

To learn more about Mansfield, OH   - JCFilms Studio - Production Club (Click Here)

Production of I CAN STILL BREATHE is set to be produced in early February 2022 by the Bridgeport, WV – JCFilms Production Club.   The film will feature actor Kevin Sorbo.