Thank you for considering auditioning for Choices!  Open auditions are being held at A.D. Lewis Community Center on 2/4-Saturday (1PM - 4PM) and Christ Temple Church on 2/5-Sunday (2PM - 4:30PM).  You may also submit your taped audition via email by sending to:


For those that have never been to an audition, welcome!  When you arrive at the church, we will have signs directing you to the proper door.  You will be greeted and asked for your headshot.  You will not get these back!  You will be asked to fill out an Audition Information sheet.  Auditions are first come first seen. Once we call your name, you will be escorted to the audition room to read for the character that you feel best suits you.  It's that simple.  Below are just a few of the characters currently available for this film.

Click here to print character sides.

Ron James - M, 20-40, African-American; charismatic con man and drug addict, but with the potential to be more: later, a reformed pillar of the community. Sees all the angles, but becomes more and more desperate as he sinks into addiction. Later, a figure who inspires others to take risks and become their best selves.

Princess D - F, 20 - 35, Caucasian; Ron’s fellow drug addict and girlfriend for a time. Desperate to hold things together, but even more so for her next fix.

Dino, M, 20-40, any ethnicity; Drug Dealer with a cold, mocking personality. Ambitious, a leader.

Mimi, F, 40-50; African-American; Ron’s mother, a selfless figure who sticks by him through thick and thin. Witty, smart and loved by all. Role spans many years.

Young Ron James, M-early teens, African-American; sweet but opportunistic. A kid in the process of learning how to take advantage of people.

Marvin, M-20’s, African-American; Ron’s cousin who’s fresh out of prison and knows all the angles. Ambitious, charismatic.

Gypsy, F, 50’s, African-American; Experienced criminal mastermind who teaches Ron the business and later becomes his wife. Elegant, always in control

Lori, F, 30’s, African-American; Ron’s sister and Gee’s wife, loving member of the family but no fool.

Kiss -Cellmate, M;30-40; any ethnicity; large, tough, imposing criminal who rules his cell with an iron fist.

Steve Sands, M; 40-50; Caucasian; Steve is serious of purpose, but has a cheerful frumpiness that puts people at ease.

Rick, M, 40-60, any ethnicity; veteran parole officer who’s seen it all. Tough but fair. Going through a crisis of faith in his ability to make a difference. 

Don Schinn, M, 40-50; Caucasian; high-spirited and friendly, tasked with evaluating Ron on his new job, wants to give him every opportunity to succeed.

Keith Sultzbaugh, M; 40-50; experienced businessman and community leader who’s going through a crisis of faith and finds new connection to Jesus through his friendship with Ron. Sincere dog-lover and a good friend. 

Remember, you can email your Audition