“A Taste of Praise” is based on a true story.  Danny Marcott declined to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay couple.  His faith-based decision led to a discrimination lawsuit that threatened his livelihood and shook his family to the core.  He stood on his Christan beliefs as the case made its way to the US Supreme Court.  His decision to defend his First Amendment Rights came at a big cost. His eventual victory at the US Supreme Court was bittersweet; he lost nearly fifty percent of his business, but his family and faith grew stronger.  His inspirational story will convict the faithful and stir the lost.


A TASTE OF PRAISE stars actor Kevin Sorbo and is set to start production in Bridgeport, WV in September 2022.  

Casting Opportunities


DANNY MARCOTT is the owner of Ovation Cakes. He was a keyboard player in a semi-successful band before he opened the business. When his first daughter, McKenize was born, he made a decision to get off the road and raise a family. He occasionally plays the keyboard at his church on special occasions.

ANA MARCOTT is Danny’s wife and co-owner of the business. She works as an administrative assistant at an accounting firm. When not helping out at Ovation Cakes, she volunteers at a local senior center.

MACKENZIE MARCOTT is Danny and Ana’s 17-year-old daughter. Affectionately known as Mac is a popular girl in high school and is very active in theater. She dreams of an acting career in Hollywood.

JESSIE MARCOTT is Danny and Ana’s 9-year-old daughter. She is in 5th grade, very bright, and plays youth soccer.

GIANNI TORRES, Mac’s best high school friend.

RUBEN MARTINEZ is a bakery assistant at Ovation Cakes.

FRANK FULLERTON, a software salesman. He is gay.

WILLIAM PARK, a junior partner at the accounting firm of DeSelis, Prospect, and Park. He is gay.

STAN MANDELL, is the COO at DeSelis, Prospect, and Park

WAYNE ATWOOD, Community Theater Director.

ANNE JORDAN, Attorney at Law.


BARBARA SCHWARTZ, the woman who orders a custom 60th Anniversary cake. 


ABIGAIL, Ovation Cakes employee. 


JENNIFER JENKINS, a loyal customer of Ovation Cakes. 


PASTOR FERNANDO GARAY, Community Church. Danny Marcott’s Pastor. 


VINCE WATTERS, Attorney with “The Freedom Group.” 


STEPHANIE ONG - Community Theater Actress 


ANITA KIM, Realtor


 MICHAEL TAVERA, News Anchor, “Timeline,” a primetime news magazine program. 


SOCCER COACH, Jessie’s youth soccer coach. 





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