"A series of bad choices led me into a life of crime. Some would say bad parenting caused my problems; some would say my circle of friends, luck, chance or people, places or things.  However, I would say it’s all about choices - so much so that after spending 25+ years in and out of prison, I was finally challenged to write a book and make this feature film, called Choices. I hope you consider getting involved in helping my team make this much needed faith-based film."  

~ Ronald James


In Cabell County alone last year, there were over 500 drug-related arrests with over 14,000 residents of the county turning to addition treatment programs.

West Virginia’s drug overdose death rate was more than double the national average.  That’s nearly 600 deaths per year! 

West Virginia has had and continues to hold he highest rate of overdose deaths in the United Sates with 45 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 West Virginia residents.

Even though the film CHOICES depicts several modern ills plaguing our nation nothing is more transparent in the story than that of illegal drug use.  Ron James was a drug addict and it was that that addiction that caused him to make many, many bad choices.  Our reasoning to shoot this film in Huntington, WV is not by accident. 


One in eight children in Cabell County are born addicted to drugs. That number represents 1,000 times the national average.

March 25th, 2017