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A TASTE OF PRAISE is based on a true story.  Danny Marcott declined to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay couple.  His faith-based decision led to a discrimination lawsuit that threatened his livelihood and shook his family to the core.  He stood on his Christan beliefs as the case made its way to the US Supreme Court.  His decision to defend his First Amendment Rights came at a big cost. His eventual victory at the US Supreme Court was bittersweet; he lost nearly fifty percent of his business, but his family and faith grew stronger.  His inspirational story will convict the faithful and stir the lost.


CANCEL ME NOT is a new film that explores this new fascination we have with canceling anyone we disagree with and how this practice is being cultivated on college campuses. When Emma Campbell tries to challenge those on her college campus who embrace hateful, dishonest, and overly simplistic views they get mad.  They have no positions, so, they begin to intimidate her and her small group of friends.  This film shows how the 'cancel culture' plays right into the minds of those who are angry, fearful, manipulative, and insecure.  CAST & CREW LOGIN

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These two films can literally change America!  Will you help us raise the final $50,000 so we can start production this summer?   This is ONLY a pledge, your support gift is not due unless we raise the entire goal.  Call 304-906-5957, should you have any questions.