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JCFilms Production Club Information.

Welcome!  Here are just a few ways to help you grow, maintain and understand more about your club.  We are so honored to have each of you a part of the JCFilms Family! 

Remember, your club is - YOUR CLUB!  If you're ready to start making faith films -  GO DO IT - and we will help you 100%.

Print YOUR OWN JCFilms Brochures

JCFILMS  - brochure - 1 .jpeg
JCFilms - brochure - 2.jpeg

How to grow?

  • Host film events in area churches.

  • Share social media posts about JCFilms.

  • Contact local theatre and production companies.

  • Host a JCFilms Acting Workshop.

  • Get involved in other JCFilms' Clubs.


JCFilms merchandise to promote your club is a great idea.  Either create your own or contact Sheila Hogle and Kristi Simmons at to place an order.

CLICK HERE for Club Financial Reports

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