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JCFilms Production Club Information.

Welcome!  Here are just a few ways to help you grow, maintain and understand more about your club.  We are so honored to have each of you a part of the JCFilms Family! 

Remember, your club is - YOUR CLUB!  If you're ready to start making faith films -  GO DO IT - and we will help you 100%.

Current Films.

Cleveland - Drop the Beat 

Louisville - APOCALYPSE 

Tampa - The Biggest Loser

San Diego - Miracle at Manchester

Orlando - Faith Springs, Hope

Las Vegas - StarStruck 

Bridgeport - Forgetting the Nightmare, Reta

Jacksonville - Success Camp

Greenville - Do Not Grow Weary

Atlanta  All In

Orlando - Not For Sale

Orlando - Ghost Trader

Phoenix - Fathers 

Phoenix - Glass Walls 

Tulsa - Crude Oil Oikies

How to grow?

  • Host film events in area churches.

  • Share social media posts about JCFilms.

  • Contact local theatre and production companies.

  • Host a JCFilms Acting Workshop.

  • Get involved in other JCFilms' Clubs.


Manage your club account.

Only Club Directors have access to view banking information and account balances.

If your club is not listed it's because you have not requested an account.

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