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A Promise to Astrid - DVD

A  'Promise to Astrid' is a heartwarming new faith inspired film based on a true story about a remarkable woman that used random acts of kindness to change the lives of an entire community. 


 A car accident leaves a family in a predicament, triggering a series of encounters with a range of personalities.  When their elderly neighbor Astrid (JoAnn F. Peterson) comes into the picture, it’s the least of Mike (Jeremy Gladen) and Cindy’s (Luba Hansen) expectations that she will change everything.  Her clever and mysterious ways confound everyone around her, including her Pastor (Dean Cain).

Astrid seems to have all the answers and promptly sets her plan into action.  With wisdom, intuition, and maybe a little bit of help from above, she makes everything turn out just right. There are still good stories to tell, and this is certainly one of those “feel-good” movies you’ll remember.
 Emotional, humorous, and a little bit mysterious, some things you just can’t explain.  There are bigger things at work, than what we understand.  Accept them with trust, and be grateful.  And have faith that good things will happen.



A Promise to Astrid - DVD

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