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With so many new faith films coming to WEST VIRGINIA this year!  If you are serious about GETTING INVOLVED come join us!


In 2024, JCFilms Studios will be partnering with Christian comedian Josh Novey, actors Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Eddie McClintock with that mission in mind.  The film will be called Missed Opportunities and will show how God uses all different types of people to advance His Kingdom and how His offer of salvation has a time limit.   Production is set to start production in Bridgeport, WV in March 2024.

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Featuring actors Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock and Julie McCullough NOT CLUE combines colorful characters, clever humor and a brain-bending plot.

JCFilms Studio’s mystery-thriller movie NOT A CLUE follows master investigator Kindle Rock, an odd and comical detective tasked with solving the absurd murder of Cornelius “NEAL” Shufflebottom, who ironically faked his own death only days before winning the $4 Million national lottery. Rock sorts through a maze of red herrings and self-serving lies, from Shufflebottom dysfunctional family and his devoted employees, to discover the truth.


Washed-up actor Tyler Tate has lost everything because of his alcoholism. He loses his job, his family, and decides to retreat to a small motel near his hometown in Ohio. Struggling to the survive, Tate soon finds himself in a ‘life-fog’ that overwhelms him.  In the film, Tate defies his despair by volunteering at a local theater company teaching acting classes to a group of dysfunctional teens. In doing so, Tate discovers a hopeful vision of what his life can become in the future.


BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR features actors Eddie McClintock Julie McCullough, Jack Berner and Jana Lee Hamblin. Film is set to be released in August 2024.

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