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2023 JCFilms Studio’s Family Christmas Party.

Last year, we started a new Holiday Tradition! We hosted the first annual JCFilms Studio’s Family Christmas Party. With over 50 in attendance, we celebrated not just Christmas, we celebrated our amazing film family!

And that’s why we want you there this year!

We’re talking about a festive fun night with food, friends, film, and fellowship!

Because we’ve scheduled our Christmas party at the conclusion of the production of Hank’s Christmas Wish 2: The Nutcracker; we already know that many celebrities will be in attendance like: Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock, and Jana Lee Hamblin.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios explains, “This annual fundraiser is a great way for everyone to reconnect and for our film ministries to end the year strong as we prepare for more film productions in 2024.”

To order tickets to the JCFilms Studio's Family Christmas Party, CLICK HERE.

Everyone is invited. We truly hope that you will make plans to attend. For more information about Hank’s Christmas Wish 2: The Nutcracker, CLICK HERE.

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