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A New Christian Comedy Series Starts Pre-Production!

Since 2010, JCFilms Studio’s has produced mostly Christian inspirational melodramas, in fact, from their 50-film library only 4 are classified as comedies.

However, JCFilms Studios is starting pre-production to produce a new faith-based comedy show called CHURCH WORLD. CHURCH WORLD is the ultimate church reality mockumentary sitcom television series that depicts the everyday work lives of church workers at LifePoint Church in Princeton, WV.

"When a congregation loses its founding pastor, a new pastor faces a wide range of problems and personalities while seeking to pursue God’s purpose for the church.”

This will be joint venture with JCFilms Studios, Robin Capehart and Tim Smith. Capehart has produced many inspiring faith films including, Ticket to Nashville & The Pledge.

Several iconic faith actors Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock, Lee Greenwood, and Julie McCullough have been attached to Season One.

Production is set to start in March 2023. Anyone looking to be involved in a Christian comedy that creatively combines faith and humor, CHURCH WORLD may be your answer to prayer.

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