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A New Film Tackles Teen Suicide.

Every eleven minutes someone kills themselves in America! And now, suicide is the leading cause of death for teens. Wow!

I WANT TO JUMP is a new feature faith film that hopes to challenge the question on why suicide among young people is increasing. The film tells the story of teenager Justin Paulsen, who on October 22, 2019, tragically took his own life.

The film explores deeper into the correlation between the increase of popular social disorder drugs and the spike of suicides in America among teens.

Let’s face it, statistics show that intrusive thoughts about suicide are relatively common for teens. “What happens if I jump?” when leaning off a balcony. For most teens, when this happens, they will generally think, “That was a weird thought,” and forget about it. However, for some teens that are taking social disorder drugs, these thoughts become impossible to let go of.

“This is very scary, and parents need to be aware of these deadly side effects,” Jason Campbell said from JCFilms Studios.

New studies suggest that teens suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are 10 times more likely to commit suicide or display suicidal behavior. Additionally, 25% of teens with OCD have admitted to attempting suicide at some point in their lives.

I WANT TO JUMP is a psychological drama film featuring actor Dean Cain and is produced by the family of Justin Paulsen to help educate parents on this issue. Production is set to begin in March 2023 in Tampa, Florida. For more information or to get involved in this film, please visit:

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