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Actor Dean Cain lends his support to a new website.

Three years ago, JCFilms embarked on three wonderful film projects that originated from Massachusetts. A PROMISE TO ASTRID, A CHILD OF A KING and JACK JONAH were all birthed in New England.

Although these films all had different topics, they had one common thread, passion. A passion to use film to make a change in their community. President of JCFilms explains, “This is what we are seeing all over. Going into cities and using film to make a difference in the lives of people.”

One example is author Mike Tourville from Agawam, MA. Tourville, who wrote the amazing true story, A PROMISE TO ASTRID, has been using his creativity and vision to not only share the message of his film but to help in other important challenges.

That is why Tourville asked actor Dean Cain to help in a new project which he created that offers a unique resource to those surviving, battling, or associated with drug addiction.

Healing Voices Project simply helps people struggling through addiction and gives them a voice to know they are not alone. Tourville explains, "when people move from isolation to connecting with others, magical things begin to happen.”

Dean Cain, who also appeared in Tourville’s A PROMISE TO ASTRID, shared his appreciation for the project in a promotional video supporting the new website.

To learn more, please visit:

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