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JCFilms Produces Kids Easter Film.

A new film entitled MOSES PRAYER FOR EASTER starring actor Dean Cain will start production next month in Bridgeport, WV to be ready for a 2021 Easter release.

This faith and family film is being created to help kids better understand the Easter story. “In today’s culture, baskets and eggs represent the symbols of Easter, instead of the cross and an empty tomb. We want to help change that perception,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms.

"If a bunny can bring candy; than a Savior can bring life!"

In fact, the producers of the film believe this project will help parents explain the true significance of Easter to their children by using many popular traditional Easter themes.

This child-like comedy movie is about two young daughters that pray “A Moses Prayer” for God to change their Dad’s heart and let their family go to church on Easter Sunday.

Even though the storyline is fictional and interweaves bunnies, eggs and baskets, it is done in a way that creatively shows how these commercial symbols can be used to bring a greater understanding of the true message of Easter.

“With just a little movie magic, all these symbols that often replace the real significance of Easter, can be the very things that make the holiday full and rich with spiritual meaning,” Campbell explains.

For those that want to participate, contribute, or volunteer in the production please visit:

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I would like to be apart of this film

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