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As long as there have been movies, there have been movie monsters. And JCFilms Studios is about to produce it’s first kid friendly monster film with a powerful message.


DOGMAN is an adorable kid movie centered around a werewolf creature that makes an unexpected visit to church camp.  Now, it all could just be a camp prank, or it just might be a very important life lesson in disguise.


Let’s face it, every night, kids across the globe worry that there’s a monster hiding under the bed. And parents have different ways in helping tackle those fears.  DOGMAN is a short new film created to help parents in that journey.


Featuring actor Dean Cain, DOGMAN attempts to convert our fears into faith by reminding young viewers that fear has no place in that beautiful moment when Jesus is calling out to us saying, “follow me.”


DOGMAN will be produced by the campers of the 2024 JCFilms Film Camp this summer in Bridgeport, WV. For more information, please visit


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