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JCFilms Studios Offer Professional Acting Reels

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Creating YOU in Action!

This summer, JCFilms will be producing over eight faith-based movies in all three of their film studios located in Ohio, West Virginia, and Arizona. To help new actors get ready, JCFilms is offering professionally produced acting reels.

Sometimes actors forget. Headshots are vital, but equally important is a well-produced acting reel. With casting restrictions and the increase of online auditioning, Directors and Producers are looking more at Acting Reels to cast their films.

That’s why JCFilms is hosting a full production day to help aspiring actors create their own personalized acting reel.

Most new actors don’t have an acting reel, and they don’t have the footage to compile one; so, we’re going to be help in creating one,” explained Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms!

During this day, JCFilms will be producing several short films in various locations. Each of these short films will vary in genre and will cast each participant in leading roles. From these cinematically produced productions each participant will leave with a professional acting reel as diverse characters in various scenes.

Your Production Day.

8AM – Call Time

9AM – High School Scenes

1PM – Church Scenes

4PM – Home/Family Scenes

7PM – Hospital Scenes

11PM – End of Day

How this Works?

· We will send you the individualized scripts for your scenes and your characters.

· You will work directly with the Director on each of your scenes.

· Your scenes and characters will be created to produce you a theatrical reel.

· Your scenes will be professionally produced and edited for a final product.

What to Expect?

· When you arrive on set, you will need to check in all your wardrobe options.

· During the day, you will be travelling to several different locations.

· Each location is a set and each set will host a different scene.

· Each scene will be tailored to your script and your rel performance.

· You will be on set a lot! Either as a lead, supporting, or background actor.

· Meals, including snacks and beverages will be provided during the day.

· Wardrobe support and even hair and makeup assistance is included.

· You will be in a team supportive atmosphere.

· Capturing the best footage of you is our goal!

Let’s face it: First impressions are everything, and it is important to have an Acting Reel that a Director or Producer can look at in 60 seconds and say, “I need to meet this actor!” That’s what this is all about.

JCFilms will be offering this opportunity in all three of its studios. Only 10 participants per session. Must be over 12 years old. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Cost is $310 per participant.

Akron, OH – Saturday, May 22, 2021

Phoenix, AZ - Sunday, May 23, 2021

Bridgeport, WV – Sunday, May 23, 2021

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