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JCFilms to Release the First Ever Christian Themed Halloween Movie: Halloween Heroes.

With Halloween right around the corner, you can be sure that many churches and families are once again preparing to debate on whether Christians should participate in Halloween.

JCFilms, a faith and family film production company that has produced over 40 Christian movies is weighing in on that question with its new kid friendly, and first ever Christian Halloween movie called, Halloween Heroes.

Halloween Heroes is about a group of kids that become magically infused with the powers of their Halloween costumes as they investigate several local spooky legends. President of JCFilms, Jason Campbell decided to make the film after being convinced that Halloween can be a very resourceful way for people of faith to celebrate family, neighborliness and, yes, Christ.

“I grew up in a Christian family that didn’t celebrate Halloween. However, times change and now I see a huge faith value in the holiday especially with our kids” Campbell said.

In the film, the Pastor encourages his church to use Halloween in a positive way and even helps the kids re-orient their thinking to be more Christ-centered in the midst of Halloween.

Halloween Heroes is set to be released this Halloween and Campbell hopes the film will be a fun way people of faith can creatively develop new relationships in order to share the love of Christ with others.

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