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Ever wanted to turn your book into a film? Here’s your chance!

JCFilms is making it easy for faith-based book authors to turn their books into feature Christian films.

In 2011, Jason Campbell wrote and produced his first faith-based film entitled Finding Faith. The film starred Erik Estrada and depicted a true story about a young girl being abducted by an Internet predator. The film was a success and a unique faith-based film ministry was created, JCFilms.

Today, JCFilms has produced a total of twenty faith-based and family-friendly feature films! In 2019, the ministry produced an astonishing FIVE films with each starring actor Dean Cain. One of these films in particular, ‘A Promise to Astrid’ was praised ‘Best Faith-Based Film in 2019.’

In 2020, JCFilms has set a goal of producing TEN feature films and is in the process of recruiting independent Christian authors for help in providing content for these films. Production on the first film will start in January 2020 and the others will be scheduled throughout the year.

“You see, about half the film’s we’ve produced have been based on true stories or books. These films seem to be the most successful in transitioning into feature films.”

If you are interested in this exciting transition of turning your book into a feature film please contact Jason Campbell at 304-906-5957.

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I do not have a book but I have two screenplays. Do you accept outside screenplay submissions?

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