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A whodunit inside a whodunit: NOT A CLUE is a new faith & family feature film created to turn this classic murder mystery formula on its head.

Featuring actors Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock and Julie McCullough NOT CLUE combines colorful characters, clever humor and a brain-bending plot.

JCFilms Studio’s mystery-thriller movie NOT A CLUE follows master investigator Kindle Rock, an odd and comical detective tasked with solving the absurd murder of Cornelius “NEAL” Shufflebottom, who ironically faked his own death only days before winning the $4 Million national lottery. Rock sorts through a maze of red herrings and self-serving lies, from Shufflebottom dysfunctional family and his devoted employees, to discover the truth.

“It’s off-beat and while the need to solve the case drives the plot along, it’s irreverent comedy and improv by the leading cast will make this film a huge success for our studio,” Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studio remarked.

This latest cinema offering from JCFilms Studios is set to be produced in April 2023 with shooting locations in Grand Rapids, MI and Bridgeport, WV.

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