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Where faith and family film makers come to talk.

Starting in May 2021, JCFilms Studios will be producing a weekly podcast series focusing on faith film making.

OFF – THE – SET with Alexander Vallera and Jason Campbell is a podcast on film making, storytelling, and acting. It’s for anybody that’s quite simply ever watched anything or has any interest in faith-based entertainment.

Each week, Jason and Alex converse with a wide range of directors, writers, actors, showrunners, producers, executives, and more on a journey to determine just what makes a good film, and why we always need good faith-filled stories.

In addition, the team will be interviewing industry leaders and up-and-coming faith-based directors, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, and actors to learn how they became successful, working content creators.

“Whether you’re new to filmmaking, a veteran to filmmaking or just want something different to entertain yourself during your commute, this podcast is for you,” explained Jason Campbell, President, JCFilms Studios.

The inaugural OFF – THE – SET podcast airs May 21, 2021 with guest actor Dean Cain.

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