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One Cop's Journey.

In the past three years, JCFilms Studios has produced two faith inspired police movies starring actor Dean Cain. Now, they’re producing a third, ‘ONE COP’S JOURNEY.’

This new film tells the true story of a police officer’s battle with post-traumatic stress, alcohol, depression, debilitating loss, and how he moved beyond them through a relationship with Christ.

Based on the award-winning book, ‘From Sorrow to Amazing Grace: One Cop's Journey’ written by Keith Knotek. Knotek is a retired American law enforcement official who served as Commander of the San Jacinto Police Department and as a sergeant with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California before retiring in January 2015.

Production is set to begin later this Summer and will filmed in both Phoenix, AZ and Bridgeport, WV.

“It’s humbling that we get the opportunity to celebrate law enforcement with these films.And we’re so excited the Dean Cain has agreed to come back and do another positive police movie,” Jason Campbell said, President of JCFilms.

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