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Several New Films Designed for KIDS Start Production this Summer.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

This Summer JCFilms will be recruiting local teens to participate in a new Dean Cain family friendly feature film called: HALLOWEEN HEROES.

“Much like the ZOMBIE CLUB, this film is for the in-betweeners: Kids who have aged out of the most cartoon scary movies, but aren't yet old enough for films such as The Conjuring,” says Jason Campbell of JCFilms.

The production will start in early June with a release date of the film on or about Halloween. The film will star actor Dean Cain and will cast over 40 young people. This will be a joint production with Little Chicago Productions and Campbell hope to cast the entire film locally in Henderson, KY.

“We have so many talented young people in our community; I hope we can get as many involved in this production as possible,” Bobby Lacer, Producer and President of Little Chicago Productions stated.

When a group of teens from Henderson Middle School become magically infused with the powers of their Halloween costumes, they band together to investigate several local spooky legends. Will these haunted folk tales wind up getting the better of them?

The film will be exclusively filmed in Henderson County and casting for the film will done solely online. Please know, the production will comply with local, state and federal COVID-19 guidelines and precautions. If you are interested please visit contact Bobby Lacer at

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