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THREE THINGS that separate JCFilms Studios from other faith and family film companies.

Updated: May 30, 2022

First, we tour our films to churches by hosting free church screenings. Erik Estrada and I started these movie events after we released our very first film FINDING FAITH six years ago. Now, we’ve toured and conducted over 1,000 church screenings. You see, I believe that when churches host movie nights and bring that celebrity from the film, it will attract unchurched people.

Second, we provide opportunities for people of faith to get involved in Christian filmmaking. That’s why, JCFilms has over a dozen Studios and Production Clubs across America. Each of these local clubs collaborate with other creative believers in using their unique experiences and skills to enact positive social change through film in their communities and across the country.

Third, we love making faith Christian films! Changing the world for Christ through film is our goal! To date, JCFilms has produced over 40 faith films. In 2022, we have a target of producing 20 new faith films and we need your help to make this happen!

To accomplish this, JCFilms is partnering with actors like Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo to further accomplish these objectives. We are in search of 100 more people to join our PRODUCERS CLUB program in donating $10 each month to help provide more free church events, create more community Production Clubs and ultimately make for faith films!

With your gift of $10 per month, you will be investing in the creation of not only faith-based films but in new faith-based film makers. For your membership you will get preferred casting opportunities, private and free access to all our films and free admission to all our film events.

And, now you can direct your $10 donation to the Production Club of your choice! Click Here to register.

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Jan 06

My name is Anthony Huver and I was born in Compton California in 1964. I just recently started a Ministry. AMPM MINISTRIES in response to a vision I was given and have been receiving for quite some time. I have lived a life that most people can only dream of, and my life has been blessed beyond measure. I am getting ready to write my life story and a few other endeavors least of which is this ministry that I have been entrusted with and while I have a feeling that like most things I've done it's going to turn out exactly as the good Lord has planned to say that I have any idea where this next part of…


Jan 05

I have a personal story that could be a movie


Mar 20, 2023

God has given me 7 great screenplays. I would be happy to send a sample of one of my screen plays, just the first 7 pages, if you like. Or maybe after I viewed the movie called "The Man Who Went To Heaven", I should start writing and start giving testimonies about true miracles that God has done for me in my life upon His earth. Maybe I should write about the head on collision that I had in 1986 with my head breaking the windshield of my van rapidly throwing my body through it then landing on the hood of the oncoming vehicle to be thrown down on the asphalt highway's side of the road with no broken bones…

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