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‘Tis the season for Christmas Jammies, and Watching Christian Christmas Movies.

This Holiday season, JCFilms Studios is releasing a new Christmas movie starring actors Dean Cain and Michael Sigler entitled HANK’S CHRISTMAS WISH.

HANK’S CHRISTMAS WISH is a story about a retired elf from the North Pole that had wanted to live a life of seclusion until several unrelentingly and cheery town folk help him regain his Christmas spirit.

And now the producers of HANK’S are turning this cutesy, chestnut-roasting, Jack Frost-nipping faith film into a film series.

“The idea is to create a new HANK’S CHRISTMAS WISH film each year because every Elf deserves multiple wishes,” explained Jason Campbell, President of JCFims Studios.

Campbell said he is bringing back most of the original cast including actor Dean Cain to help on the new project. Cain, of course is well known in the Holiday film genre as having appeared in over two dozen Hallmark Christmas movies.

“I wouldn’t call it a follow up, I would call it more of a ‘follow-on' film to the crazy happenstances that Hank creates to help others find the true meaning of Christmas,” Campbell said.

Campbell said that the HANK’S CHRISTMAS WISH film series is going to be an annual event that will coincides during the studio's annual Christmas party.

For information about the ministries Christmas Party, CLICK HERE.

So, just what mischief is Hank the elf going to get into in Hank’s Christmas Wish 2. The audience is going to wait, but Campbell assures that the film will be packed with yuletide laughter and meaning.

For more information about HANK’S CHRISTMAS WISH 2 , CLICK HERE.

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