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WHICHEVER – A Futurist Film about America's Neutral Gender Future.

JCFilms, a faith and family film company with studios in Ohio, West Virginia and Arizona is preparing to produce its first futuristic Christian movie. The theme: What will America look like in a neutral gender world?

“Unfortunately, this futuristic film is not fiction, but an unbelievable reality that is actually happening,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms.

I remember when US congressman Emanuel Cleaver intoned the word ‘a-woman’ instead of ‘amen’ in the opening prayer delivered on the first day of the 117th US Congress. At first, I thought it was a light-hearted witticism; no, this was a purposeful phrasing to blur the lines between manhood and womanhood.

My wife and I have a large blended family with ten children! Our living room floor is regularly littered with one of my son’s favorite toys, Mr. Potato Head. Last month, the largest toy manufacturer in America drops the ‘mister’ in efforts to make this iconic toy gender neutral.

Like you, I never thought I’d see the day that something so outrageous would be debated! However, it seems like everywhere I look there are attempts to remove any type of distinctions which would be common to men and women exclusively.

Even the popular website Facebook has waded into this social issue by creating now a new way for a person to “define” their gender. In fact, no longer are the choices limited to male and female and when a person creates a profile, he or she is given 51 different options regarding gender.

The reason why this is happening you ask? According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center almost 30% of Americans have yet to hear of this neutral gender agenda. Not to mention, the other 40% deem gender inclusion is just a myth.

“Well, this is happening, and so we wanted to warn people by making a futuristic film that shows America as a bonafide neutral gender society,” Campbell said.

What would it look like in this grey world where we neither had musicality or feminist qualities? No manhood or womanhood. Mother’s would-be males and fathers’ would-be females. Children by age three would be able to individually decided their own gender future. And, it would become socially outlawed to refer to God in prayer as ‘Father.’

The goal of ‘Whichever: America’s Neutral Gender Future’ is to expose the truth of this gender agenda and the dangerous impact it will have for future generations. When asked why he thinks a film could stop this foolishness, Campbell replied, “Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it!”

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