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Why THREE Police Films in THREE Years?

Let’s face it; current mainstream police films are encouraging violence against the police, and for that, they should be held responsible for the current police crises in America.

It was just a few short years ago that Hollywood filmmakers gave favorable depictions of the men and women in blue. Now, these same producers are aligning themselves with multiple pro-criminal justice groups that are demanding that storytellers depict America’s police system as corrupt

In the past three years, JCFilms Studios has produced three faith inspired police movies starring actor Dean Cain. The third police appreciation film, One Cop’s Journey, is set to be released later this month!

Though all three films differ in story, they do have a common thread; police officers see the innermost of our dark and fallen world, and each of these films uniquely and courageously depicts those realities.

So, due to the fact that police movies do in fact reflect and help shape how Americans view police officers, JCFilms is going to maintain the course of making more pro law enforcement films that cancel out the nonsense.

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