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John Light Book

JOHN LIGHT - a true-to-life prison film - features newcomer MICHAEL OCHOTORENA as John Light, one of the most dangerous inmates in Arizona’s State Penitentiary. But John has stunned both guards and inmates alike, by accepting Christ in a prison Bible study.


Upon his release, he is anxious to share his new faith with the outside world. However, looking more like a thug than a theologian, the outside world is terrified of him. His only allies are his meek and mild Christian mentor Matt Garrett, played by MICHAEL SIGLER, and his no-nonsense Parole Officer played by DEAN CAIN.


Partnered with men who have never thrown a punch in their lives, John engages in a fight for his life.

This motion picture compendium features the original screenplay by Dave Welty, images from the film, and commentary from the cast and crew.

John Light Book

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