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Megan's Christmas Miracle - Church Edition

Dean Cain stars in this enchanting Christmas story about a teenage girl that finds hope in a magical nativity display at her church. When Megan’s father whisks her away from the only life she knew and relocate to a small coal-mining town of West Virginia she struggles to fit in.  In fact, she gives up on her one true passion: dance.


This uplifting, mystical, faith inspired film stars Brooklyn Nelson (Young Elsa in Disney's new York Broadway Musical FROZEN), Timothy Goodwin (Adam Ruins Everything, Mom) & Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Supergirl).  


“Megan’s Christmas Miracle” is a journey into the many unexpected life interruptions Megan experiences.  The film starts with a hurt little girl and ends with a confident and assured beautiful lady. It’s about believing in miracles and in the magic of Christmas. 


At the heart of Megan's Christmas Miracle is a young girl's exploration of love, loss, hope, and the true meaning of Christmas.  It's also shows us how love and hope carry us through to our adult years as we hold onto our faith through life's ups and down and trust that Miracles really can happen.


Experience the magic of Megan's Christmas Miracle and see the miracles all around you during this holiday season and all year through.

Megan's Christmas Miracle - Church Edition

  • Church Licensed Edition


    For this $50.00 licensing fee, we will send your church a licensed copy of MEGAN'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE  that can be shown to a public audience. 

    We also have downloadable and printable bulletin inserts, posters, tickets and more under the Resources Tab at that will help you promote your event.

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