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Nail 32 - Church Edition
Jasper ‘Buck’ Livingston made a decision early in his life that influenced and changed the cowboy culture.  Through failure and disappointment he learned that although one person cannot change the world, it takes only one to start. Buck strategized his life purpose one cowboy at a time.

The film depicts the grueling travels of the rodeo circuit, from the backbreaking bull riding to the musical oasis of the honkytonks. It portrays both the picturesque culture of the American rancher while dispensing cowboy pride and simplistic life solutions. Just as 32 nails attach the shoes to a horse; ‘Nail 32’ clenches the importance of men being courageous, honorable, and truly God fearing! As each nail serves a purpose; each life matters.

Can a cowboy be a Christian and can a Christian be a cowboy? Either way you answer it, ‘Nail 32’ encourages all men to find the Lord before you need Him, and never, ever sell out your pride or saddle-'Cause life's a long, long ride'.

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Nail 32 - Church Edition

  • For this $50.00 licensing fee, we will send your church a licensed copy of Nail 32 that can be shown to a public audience. We also have downloadable and printable bulletin inserts, posters, tickets and more under the Resources tab above that will help you promote your event.

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